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Nagua, attentive to all ecological aspects to be proposed in the nautical sector, has decided to presentare un nuovo prodotto per la pulizia, diretta, dei nostri Mari.

Test1, a company active in the development and application of innovative materials and systems for the protection of the environment and Nagua Swiss, a company for the production and commercialization of ecological and eco-sustainable products, have reached a cooperation agreement.

Nagua will therefore propose an innovative product, easy to understand and apply, patented by Test1.

in collaboration with Test1

nagua and foamflex200

FoamFlex200 is the highly innovative product subject of the agreement. This product is born in Brescia where is located the production system, the research and development laboratory and the main office of Test1. In 2018, a representative office was opened in the United Kingdom, in Edinburgh; Thanks to an intern SA activity of Research and Development during for years, Test1 laboratories have patented FoamFlex200, a special polyurethane material aimed at the recovery of hydrocarbons. From the very first tests, FoamFlex200 manifested itself as a real revolution in the field of oil spill prevention and clean-up. Characteristics that, immediately, find verification and recognition. The Test1 patent is selected in 2018 among the best 10 innovations in the Oil&Gas sector by the Oil&Gas Technology Center of Aberdeen.

In the same year FoamFlex200 was awarded the Seal Of Excellence by the European Community. FoamFlex200 is also tested according to ASTM protocol and certified by MATTM. At the same time Test1 starts to supply its technology at national and international level, giving a fundamental contribution in hydrocarbon clean-up operations. Today Test1, thanks to the agreement made with Nagua Swiss, exclusive dealer for Switzerland and official agent for Italy, strengthens its offer on the market. Test1 with its capillary presence counts among its customers marinas, ports, environmental operators, public administrations, and governments. The company has also developed an extensive network of partnerships with universities, research centers and industry partners to develop new product systems and provide turnkey service activities.

advantages of use

FoamFlex200 could find application possibilities because, at the current state of the technology, for certain operations, allows an improvement in the performance of clean up activities in terms of costs, efficiency, effectiveness, timing, minimizing the environmental impact.

Among the most commonly used methodologies in cleanups:

  • Dispersants: practical use but environmental damage difficult to be measured.
  • Skimmers and pumps: little rapid and limited use (average spilled product collected <15%)
  • Absorbent panels: limited and irrelevant use in the management of oil spill.

Actually a maximum spilled product recovery rate of 20% is estimated. FoamFlex200 would allow to greatly increase this percentage (as already demonstrated in field operations, even exceeding 50%).

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nagua and floamflex 200

Efficace. Green. Simple.

The water is the material of life. Our actions are harming it. We can intervene and protect it with FLOAMFLEX 200.

FoamFlex 200 is an innovative patented absorption technology for hydrocarbons and their derivatives.

It is a fast, versatile and easy-to-use response method.

Check out our full materials and learn more about this necessary product for boaters!

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