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Nagua: how it all began

Nagua: the brand of ecology at sea

Nagua was born from the experience of two lovers of nature and the sea: mine and that of my husband, Federico.

Federico has a real passion for boats and the nautical world, while I love nature and animals very much.

During our numerous boat trips we realized that there is no complete line of ecological products for those who use boats and want to respect the environment.

This is how the idea of Nagua was born.

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our differential

Environmental impact of chemicals on water

When we talk about marine pollution it is not enough to just think about plastic or waste that we see floating in the water, we must also think about all those liquids and pollutants poured into the sea that are not always visible to the naked eye.

We at Nagua also want to fight the invisible pollution caused by all the chemical products that are used regularly at home or on boats and which, unfortunately, end up in the sea.

For this reason we create products with ecological formulas, which respect the Critical Dilution Volume criteria. The VCD is the summation of the weight of substance used x degradation factor x 1000/ chronic toxicity factor.

This parameter indicates how many liters of water are needed to dissolve a dose of product. Nagua formulations are based on this index and it is precisely for this reason that it is possible to reduce the quantity of water needed to a minimum.

Environmental impact of chemicals on nature

Respecting nature is a real philosophy of life, which intertwines ethics and common civil sense.

Have you ever thought that many products and ingredienti that we use daily, once dispersed in the environment are they absorbed by the water or air that we ourselves drink and breathe?

Nagua products are made with natural ingredients, to give an eco-friendly alternative to the usual chemical or petroleum-based products.

Wherever you are, you can use eco-friendly products that are good for nature and people.

We leave a light footprint

To leave a light footprint in nature we must be aware that everything we do can pollute the environment. Through conscious actions and choices of ecological products we can contribute to reducing pollution.

This is why we at Nagua have adopted new ecological solutions. Through the study of new formulations, the use of natural, quality raw materials and processing in specialized laboratories, we are able to obtain highly performing products that are not harmful to people or the aquatic environment.

The choice of eco-friendly ingredients is very important and Nagua takes care of the entire life cycle of the individual product. Packaging, for example, is fundamental: replacing plastic is difficult, which is why it is essential to use the correct dosage of product and avoid waste.

Furthermore, in every single packaging there is detailed and specific information on the type of material used and on its correct recycling.

Where possible, however, we look for alternatives to plastic, and this is why we offer you the solid cosmetics line. Made with natural and ecological ingredients, the solid cosmetics is also very useful for eliminating plastic and unnecessary waste of water. With these products you will have the maximum concentration of undiluted active ingredients.

Living according to an ecological philosophy is possible! Let's help each other...

respect the pillars of nagua


#nature respect

  • Natural ingredients
  • Eco-friendly formulas
  • No tests on animals

#water respect

  • Calculation of the Critical Dilution Volume
  • Without parabens, (SLS) and (SLES)
  • Without synthetic dyes, methylisothiazolinone (MIT and CIT)

#person care

  • Paraben-free
  • Silicone and petroleum free
  • Without SLES and SLS

#future protection

  • Less plastic, recycled materials
  • Zero pollution and zero waste
  • No to discrimination, no to exploitation

#ocean preserve

  • No aggressive products
  • Less use of products
  • Less plastic pollution

#boat care

  • Complete cleaning of the boat
  • Aggressive on dirt, delicate on water
  • Eco-friendly products for the marine environment

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A complete ecological line, dedicated to boating, with high quality products, made with social and environmental responsibility. This is the Nagua principle!

Discover our lines: you can make a difference and protect Nature.