The environmental impact of the products in the water

When we think of sea pollution, most of us think of plastic and the waste we see floating in the water. Unfortunately, this is not all: there is also an invisible pollution.

The invisible pollution is given by the chemicals produdts that we use regularly at home or on boats and that ends up directly or indirectly, in the sea.

And this is why Nagua was born, to protect the oceans from plastic, waste and even invisible pollution, and we do it through a brand that makes products with ECOLOGICAL formulas, biodegradable, without chemicals or substances potentially harmful to man or the sea.

Our products also respect the Critical Dilution Volume (VCD) criterion, or rather, how many litres of water are needed to dilute a dose of a given product?

We at Nagua find and propose the best solutions that allow you to dissolve the product used in a minimum volume of water.

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