Steel always shining on board with the right limescale remover

Board metals and rust. Here are the 5 best strategies to combat them
Board metals and rust. Here are the 5 best strategies to combat them

Scale deposits make the metal surfaces and steels of our boats dull, unsightly, and more prone to rust and corrosion. Preventing and combating the problem, however, is easy with a specific, environmentally safe cleaner.

Edge metals and anti-scale. What boat owner doesn’t like a boat that is polished, perfectly clean, and has shiny equipment? However, one only has to take a walk along the docks of a port or marina to see that this is often not quite the case. Yachts, boats, and rubber boats often reveal a state of neglect and abandonment that beyond the aesthetic level leaves many doubts about the efficiency of those vessels.

In particular, it is precisely metal equipment that suffers from poor maintenance and weathering. And one of the most obvious consequences is limescale deposits on these surfaces. So let’s see what lime scale is and how it forms on board our boats, what damage it can cause, and how to combat it effectively.

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How and why limescale forms on board

The main components of limestone are the calcium and magnesium salts present in water as a result of the melting of limestone rocks along the way from the mountains to the sea. These elements make up the so-called “hardness” of water, and with increasing temperature they crystallize and produce a chemical reaction that forms a solution of calcium carbonate, magnesium and carbon dioxide commonly referred to as “limestone.” Limescale thus occurs in the form of solid deposits that cover metal surfaces, such as steel. This occurs because steel does not have a “closed” surface, but has microporosities within which, in addition to dirt and saltiness, limestone itself is deposited.

Edge metals and anti-scale. How to recognize limestone deposits on board our boats? Since limestone is composed mainly of calcium and magnesium, one would think that limestone deposits would always be white in color. In reality, limestone deposits also have a reddish tint, and this is due to the close relationship between limestone and rust. Immediately after the formation of limestone deposits, in fact, all the iron and iron oxide particles incorporate into the limestone, reinforcing each other.

The damage of limescale: staining, rust and corrosion

But in addition to opening the way for rust to form on metal surfaces, limescale can cause other damage, including hard-to-remove calcified dirt stains and deposits, prolification of bacteria, scaling, oxidation, and even corrosion. Problems that for equipment in boats can also translate into malfunctions, breakage, and costly maintenance. Not to mention the disastrous limescale blockages within the boat’s plumbing systems: sea intakes, toilets, faucets, pipes, tanks, etc.

To prevent and combat the formation of limescale on board our boats, there is only one way: arm ourselves with patience and submit metal equipment, as well as sanitary ware or even shower stalls, to systematic cleaning operations, possibly using specific anti-limescale products that are effective and, above all, have minimal impact on the environment.

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Eco Anti-Limescale Cleaner eliminates the problem

To solve the problem of limescale on board boats, yachts and dinghies, nagua has developed the Eco Anti-Limescale Cleaner, an ideal product for cleaning all interior and exterior boat surfaces affected by limescale: rigging, winches, trolleys, hatchbacks, hatchbacks, and even faucets, sinks, toilets, shower stalls and all chrome components. Thanks to its active ingredients, Eco Anti-Limescale Cleaner effectively removes scale deposits and eliminates dirt, salt crystals and stubborn stains, restoring metal and steel surfaces to their original shine.

In addition, by using Nagua Eco Anti-Lime Cleaner you will also be sure to respect the sea, the environment and all the animals and plants that inhabit it. In fact, the product is made with 99 percent naturally originated ingredients and strictly certified eco-friendly formula (Friend of the Sea and Icea), which, among other things, allow minimizing the amount of water needed to dilute a dose of detergent.

In short, with loving care, a little elbow grease and the right limescale remover, the metal surfaces, plumbing fixtures and other onboard surfaces in contact with your boat’s water will shine again. To the delight of the owner and the entire crew!

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