our partners

The importance of our partners

When a company decides to dedicate itself to the ecology and the environment, it cannot do it alone. That is the reason why it is so important for us to collaborate with other companies.

Make the difference, be responsible towards Nature, by ensuring that we are always in line with the rules of the most important certification institutions in Europe, including ICEA, AIAB, FRIEND OF THE SEA. This is our objective.

Our partners are an important part of this process. With them we share ideas, initiatives and the reciprocal dissemination of the Eco-Port project that is emerging in Italy.

Discover who are our partners. Each one of them is very important to us at Nagua: it is also thanks to our partners that we can reach more and more people and promote the idea of environmental responsibility by bringing it to another level!

Change the destiny of our planet and search the balance with Nature should be the aim of all of us. We must to respect the environment at all moments.

Let unite our efforts for the greater benefit of the planet!

Marinedi Group

Marinedi, one brand, one standard.

The Mediterranean network of marinas

The Marinedi Group is a leader in the Italian and European market for the development and management of marinas. Founded at the end of 2012, it is now the leading marina network in the Mediterranean, with 6,000 berths in 14 operational ports.

Managing directly, or in partnership with local institutions and private, marinas dedicated to nautical tourism, Marinedi expands the services and potential of existing marinas and develops projects for the creation of new facilities, thus promoting an increase of nautical tourism.

Source: Marinedi Group

Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea is a project of the World Sustainability Organisation.

They are an international NGO with a humanitarian mission to protect the environment. Friend of the Sea has become the leading certification standard for products and services that respect and protect the marine environment. The certification recognises the sustainability practices in fishing, aquaculture, fish oil and omega 3 production. Friend of the Sea promotes also pilot projects relating to restaurants, sustainable navigation, whale and dolphin watching, aquariums, ornamental fish and UV creams.

Friend of the Sea is the only certification programme for sustainable fisheries that is internationally recognised and overseen by a national accreditation organisation. Various benchmarks have confirmed the strength and reliability of Friend of the Sea's certification and traceability (chain of custody) criteria. They are a non-profit association and friends of the sea. They are present on the territory to monitor and protect the marine environment, checking the products of certified sustainable companies, united to protect the sea.


Dockbooking is a free online dock book application.

Created so that sailors can enjoy the facility of finding a berth close to them, being able to pay immediately and, above all, without bureaucracy to be sure of their place are guaranteed in their port preferred.

The marinas, in turn, obtain many benefits such as increased web viewing among sailors without having to pay for it. Furthermore, they receive the payment immediately upon booking, including a great facility of connection through the BlueShell system.


Blueshell is a cloud-based port and marina management software.

Perfect for ports and marinas. It has a unique window and guided routes to speed up the work. With its quick menu with the most frequent procedures, it makes it easy to use to permise the concentration on more important issues. It has quick and responsive support.

It also has continuous training and can be used on any device. It keeps you updated at all times, without interrupting your work. Finally, the security of your information is guaranteed by the use of Google Cloud Platform. Blueshell is the management network created with the marinas for the marinas.


The "nautica" magazine is an excellence in the nautical sector.

Always with very relevant information on the nautical scene. Members of the group:

Pagine Azzurre: a 'pilot book' site that is an important navigation help. It is also a great tool for diffusing nautical culture, where is possibile to consult maps and much more.

Super Yacht: another super magazine that is part of the group. Here is possible to find a lot of news and keep up to date with the world of luxury yachting.


The big Navily community firm an important partnership with Nagua

In 2023, Nagua has entered into an important partnership with Navily, the nautical app that brings together the largest community of boaters.

The people who go to sea sailing on sailboats, yachts and dinghies are like a large tribe. They all speak the same language, share the same passion, each experience the same joys, ambitions and sacrifices in order to breathe in that wonderful scent of freedom that every day spent in the water can give. And it is precisely in this continuous sharing, in the exchange and in the dialogue fueled by the enormous possibilities of connection and interaction that technology offers today, that the true spirit of the sailor is nourished, renewed and expanded every day.