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eco-friendly sunscreens

eco-friendly sunscreens to enjoy the sun with the right protection

The sun is a fountain of life and it is enough to spend even a few hours on a beach or on a boat exposed to the sun's rays to experience a great feeling of well-being. In fact, it is known that sunlight has important benefits on our body and mind: it is good for the skin and bones, promotes muscle relaxation and positively affects the mobility of joints. The sun also improves sleep quality, is good for your humor and relieves the stress. The important thing is to expose oneself to the sun in the right way, avoiding the central hours of the day and prolonged or excessive exposure, which on the contrary can become very harmful to the skin, and to choose eco-friendly sun creams that protects the skin from UV rays without damaging the marine system.

Each of us is different and the right exposure time of a nude skin to the sun can vary considerably depending on the type of skin, its color and thickness. It is enough to use some shrewdness, such as protecting oneself from the strongest sun also with the help of hats and lighter clothes, but above all always using eco-friendly sunscreens, as well as moisturizing and refreshing after-sun. Products that are preferably natural and above all gentle on the environment around us.

Eco-friendly Sunscreens with certified organic formulas

This is why we at Nagua propose our eco-friendly sunscreens in the Nautical eco sun line specially created to be used on boats, on the beach and wherever you want. Products that protects your body from sun exposure effectively and are 100% natural, not tested on animals, biodegradable and absolutely non-polluting. Quality and eco-friendly formulas all certified according to the strictest standards.

The effectiveness of mineral filters and natural components

We would like to emphasize the importance of choosing eco-friendly sunscreens with mineral filters because among the harmful ingredients for the marine ecosystem that are dispersed in the sea there are two chemical filters: oxybenzone and octylmethoxycinnamate that lead to coral bleaching, a destructive phenomenon that ruins coral reefs and the marine ecosystem.

To remedy to this problem Nagua proposes its sun creams with natural mineral filters to help the protection of the marine system. These are eco-friendly reef friendly sunscreens with Zinc Oxide filters, also called physical filters, instead of chemical filters that can be harmful.

The physical or mineral filters will protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays through a protective layer that reflects solar radiation. The eco-friendly sunscreens based on zinc oxide are recommended for everyone, but even more so for sensitive skin because the mineral filters in addition to protecting us from the sun has a soothing effect on redness or irritation.

Inside of the Nautical eco sun line you will find the Eco biological Sun cream Spf 30- and the Eco biological Sun cream Spf 50+, suitable also for kids, a very effective sun protection against the harmful effects of UV rays thanks to its mineral and not chemical sun filters.

And then you'll find the Eco Bio After Sun, a completely organic after-sun, made with natural and nourishing components such as Aloe vera and other officinal herbs. Also free of chemicals, toxins and pollutants.