eco productsvegan and not tested on animals

  • Total absence of animal-derived ingredients. We do not use meat, eggs, milk, honey, pollen. Even wine, which is not considered certified vegan.
  • Total absence of additives of animal origin, such as cochineal (E 120).
  • Total absence of animal tests

For those who want more details on the characteristics of vegan products, they can be found at some certifying organizations, including:

We are animal friendly

We at Nagua loves the nature in all its forms. We do our best to protect marine environments, but we don't forget about all other living creatures.

In our small way we want to remind you not to abandon or mistreat your animals: the animals are pure beings and do not deserve to suffer.

Some years ago we adopted our dog, Jessy. We went to a kennel in Rome, a place with exceptional persons, like Mrs. Xenia Prelz. Even you can make the difference: adopt an animal!