nauticalecological line

Nagua was born with the aim of bringing ecology aboard.

Our objective is exactly that, to create and realise a project that unites passion for the sea and love for the environment.

Ours is a line of high-quality products that respects nature and is attentive to social responsibility.

Initially, our aim was to make only nautical cleaning products that respected nature, without compromising the quality. After the initial satisfactions, we realised that we want to go further and be able to offer to the public environmentally friendly products that satisfied the most varied needs of the yachtsman.

We know how difficult it is to love the sea and to find companies that are attentive to the marine community at the point of realizing eco-friendly, high-performance and high-quality products.

Nagua cares about the needs of boaters and does this by encouraging the use of environmentally friendly products. With this in mind, it is essential to understand that the boat is in direct contact with the water, so everything is used in the sea can be harmful to the marine ecosystem.

We love nature, the sea and its fauna... we want to respect the environment and help preserve it, we would be happy to improve our proposals and we gladly accept ideas, advices, suggestions and demands.

Cleaning Line

Quality cleanliness, on the boat like at home

A complete ecological line that takes care of your boat and respects the sea.

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Accessories Line

Less plastic and more nature, to make life easier for surfers!

Natural and environmentally sustainable alternatives for nautical products to reduce the environmental impact from plastics and microplastics. work in progress

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Body Line

Less plastic, more quality for your body care!

A dedicated line to personal care, with the innovative solid cosmetics: to take care of you and of Nature!

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Sun Line

Care for your skin, protect the corals and the aquatic organisms

A product line realised with mineral filters. It creates a protective barrier against UV radiation without dispersing chemical ingredients into the water that damage to the marine ecosystem.

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our certificates

We make high-quality, certified and really environmentally compatible products.

From the initial idea to the final product realisation, we at Nagua follow the guidelines and ecological rules of ICEA, one of Europe's leading certification authorities.

The experience and the study of other eco-friendly products helped us to develop the Nagua's lines. We have found, for example, that the most reliable way to proof the sustainability of what we produce is to have certification organisations.

These organisations rigorously control the formulas used, the procedures and the ingredients because their sole aim is to protect the environment and people's health.

So when we say that we realize ecological products to safeguard the maritime ecosystem we are conscious of what we are doing. The certifications that we have obtained are the certainty that our products really makes a difference.

We strongly believe that a certification of quality and eco-sustainability is worth a thousand words. That's why we want to be transparent: to find out more about the ingredients that we use, check the INCI table clicking here or here.

our characteristics

We want to protect the ocean: the impact of Nagua´s products on the environment is minimal.

All our lines follow the principle of Critical Dilution Volume, a scientific calculation recognised by the European Union that limits the environmental impact of detergents.

The Critical Dilution Volume is a real formula for calculating the impact of chemical detergents on the environment. It indicates the volume of water required to dissolve a standard dose of detergent. Greater is the amount of water required, more invasive will be the detergent.

That is why this rule is so important for those of us who loves the marine environment and want to protect it.

Our objective is simple: we want to be ecological and as innocuous as possible for organisms living in the ocean.

How can we do it? The Critical Dilution Volume is just one of our pillars, we have also totally eliminated from production all those chemical ingredients that are extremely harmful for Nature.

Which are the elements that are harmful to the environment and our health? You can find heareall the features of our products, understand them and find out the reason for our choices.

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nagua: nautical ecological reponsability

Why Nagua can make the difference? Browse our brochures and know more about our products.

A comprehensive nautical line, developed with respect for social and environmental responsibilities, without compromising the quality. That's what Nagua is! Check out our product lines and make a real difference for Nature!

Nagua was born with the purpose of creating a line of quality boat and personal care products that also respects the ocean.

All our products are produced according to the guidelines of the leading European certification organisations: we want to give you a certified alternative to the main products on the market.

The environmental impact of Nagua lines is minimal, because we produce them based on the calculation of the Critical Dilution Volume, a true formula with which pollution can be minimised.

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