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Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification

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ICEA is an institute of ethical and environmental certification and as such firmly believes in the value of certification as a bulwark of consumer rights and guarantees for workers. ICEA controls and certifies several thousand companies that carry out their activity in respect of human beings and the environment, protecting the dignity of workers and the rights of consumers.

ICEA certifies those who are daily committed to improve the economic, social and environmental performance of companies and, above all, those entrepreneurs who manage, maintain and develop their companies imagining a better future for themselves, their children and their territories. An ICEA certification, in fact, summarizes the concepts of ethics and competence: principles that guide both the operators of the supply chain and those who operate in the control and certification activity as an impartial protection of the consumer.

The certifications in the non-food sector, therefore, are not regulated by law, as it happens in the food sector, but are a voluntary choice of the most evolved and virtuous companies that feel the need to offer more guarantees to customers by submitting to the controls of an independent and professional organization that guarantees the correct functioning and the ecological qualities of the products. The rules of functioning of the certification are public, transparent and equal for all producers in possession of the ICEA label.

Each certification system expresses targeted responses to the specific sustainability needs of products and services. But the implementation of a comprehensive sustainable development strategy depends on their integrated, synergistic and widespread use. It's the whole system that counts: respect for the environment and respect for humans.

The Eco Bio Cosmetics and Natural Cosmetics Standard certifies cosmetic products, raw materials for cosmetic use and cosmetic products for pets, ensuring the use of organic ingredients and chemicals of natural origin, selected according to criteria of environmental sustainability and health.

The Eco Bio Cosmesi and Natural Cosmetics specification is a project conceived at ICEA in 2000 in a strongly deregulated context and has managed to find the right compromise between the consumer's expectations of naturalness and health and the needs of the cosmetics industry.

The certification Eco Bio Cosmetics and Natural Cosmetics provides for the absence of raw materials harmful to the environment and human health in the formulation of the product and its packaging, and ensures the production of cosmetics with the most modern eco-friendly techniques.

In the case of Eco Bio Cosmesi products, surfactants, functional ingredients and plant extracts come from organic farming and are certified according to the main international standards, while natural cosmetic products do not require organic ingredients.

Certified Eco Bio Cosmetics and guarantee of natural cosmetics:

  • Formulations composed of ingredients of natural origin selected according to criteria of environmental sustainability and health;
  • Obligatory tests on the finished product to avoid undesirable effects and guarantee its stability;
  • Labels with truthful claims supported by testing or a reliable scientific bibliography;
  • Certification and control executed according to the requirements of EN 17065.

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