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According to several studies, among the various types of pollution, there is also the chemical pollution related to the cleaning products that we use every day in our homes. These substances, in addition to polluting the water and damaging the earth's atmosphere, make's harmful also the air that we breathe every day.

Detergents and cleaners are widely used in our homes.

Detergents and cleaning products are widely used in both industrial and domestic settings and are among the largest pollutants in the marine environment.

They reach the sea and rivers principally through sewage discharges and spills into surface waters.

The damage comes both from production, considering that some of these substances are produced by petroleum synthesis, and from the release of non- or poorly recyclable packaging into the sea.

This creates a large impact on the environment and, consequently, the health of our seas. That's why Friend of the Seadeveloped the Sustainable Cleaning Standard. Cleaning and hygiene products and services are essential to society and our efforts are to provide guidelines for companies to work responsibly, promoting sustainable production, packaging and consumption. Working together to improve water quality through chemical safety and reduced environmental impact.

The Standard

Friend of the Sea's criteria for sustainable cleaning require:
  • Management system
  • Production
  • Chemical Composition
  • Environmental impact
  • Packaging
  • Energy Management
  • Social Responsibility
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