Universal boat degreaser: degreases thoroughly without polluting

person cleaning the boat
Clean boat without polluting? Know here how it can be done.
Visit the new Nagua e-commerce and guarantee your discount!
Visit the new Nagua e-commerce and guarantee your discount!

Universal boat degreaser thoroughly cleans boats and rubber without polluting nature

Grease and obstinate dirt are no more a problem on the boat

Why do you need an Eco Universal boat degreaser? Maintaining a tidy and perfectly clean boat is a proof of strength for the owner or skipper. The external surfaces and components on board are constantly exposed to the effects of weather, salt, sand, debris and obstinate dirt, including small residues of oil, fuel and sunscreen that create an unhealthy and somewhat unkempt appearance.

With the wind, the constant use of systems and equipment and normal life on board, dirt, dust and grease also accumulate in the interior of the boat: from the lockers to the cupboards, from the kitchen to the engine compartment, from the bilge to the cabins. To eliminate all traces of these enemies of cleanliness, you need a high-performance, versatile and low environment impact universal boat degreaser.

The eco universal boat degreaser is, also usable on stubborn stains in clothes or towels aboard.

boat engine room

Nagua’s Eco-friendly universal boat degreaser can help keep your boat’s engine room spotless.

High degreasing power and eco-friendly formulas

For Nagua, ecology and respect for the environment is fundamental. That’s why we propose within the line Nautical cleaning line theEco Universal boat degreaser, a powerful, high-performance, ecological degreaser that acts effectively against the most persistent dirt on the boat and also on all on-board surfaces, including equipment, systems and machinery in general that are more prone to dripping and grease stains. Thanks to the special Respect formula, the Universal boat degreaser is also ideal for treating worktops, ovens and the engine compartment. It can also be used to remove stains from the fabrics of curtains, sun-beds, cushions and seats in the saloon or cockpit.

To remove the detergent Universal Boat Degreaser, you only need a small amount of water.

The Eco Universal boat degreaseris characterized by its certified ecological formulas, such as the Friend of the Sea for sustainable cleaning at sea and the standard ICEA that guarantees the presence of natural substances in the detergent, as well as following the principle of the Critical Dilution Volume which minimizes the amount of water needed to dilute one dose of product and thus make it the least harmful to the marine habitat.