Visit the new Nagua e-commerce and guarantee your discount!

boat very dirty. Universal boat degreaser
Universal boat degreaser: degreases thoroughly without polluting
Ecological Certification: 5 steps to check if a product really respects nature!
Ecological Certification: 5 steps to verify a sustainable product!

Nagua is proud to present its new e-commerce. Our mission is to offer quality eco-friendly nautical products with environmental responsibility!

Thinking of this, we released the Nagua online shop. With it, we offer eco-friendly nautical products for those who want quality without compromising environmental responsibility.

Therefore, our products are made with natural ingredients and have the best European certifications. Among them, AIAB, Friend of the Sea and ICEA.

In focus, we have three product lines made and thought for demanding people who are concerned about the marine environment. Therefore, they are products made for use on boats and ships that, when dumped into the ocean, do not pollute. In addition, our products are of the highest quality and you can use them for any occasion, whether on the boat or at home. After all, pollution causes problems for the environment at any time. So using Nagua products is respect for the planet!

Finally, to celebrate our release, we are offering an exclusive discount coupon for your Nagua e-commerce purchase. Use the code NEW-SHOP-SOCIAL in our e-commerce and guarantee a 10% discount on the purchase of our products. Also enjoy free shipping on purchases over 100 euros, we deliver all over Italy. The coupon is valid until 31/07/2022.

Get to know our Nautical Cleaning Line

The Nautical Cleaning Line are products for cleaning boats. So we have options for surface, dishware, laundry and bathroom. So get to know our highlights:

Get to know our Nautical Body Line

The Nautical Body Line is our exclusive line for skin and hair care. In addition, our products are solid and therefore are plastic free. So get to know our highlights:

Get to know our Nautical Sun Line

Sun Line is a line of sun products with physical filters. Our protectors are made with mineral filters and all other natural ingredients, thus minimising allergies and skin irritation. Get to know our highlights: