ourterms and conditions of sale

  1. Generally

  2. NAGUA SWISS SAGL with registered office in Switzerland at Via ala Brüga, 64 - 6593 - Cadenazzo, Ticino.

    Tax domicile in Italy at the tax office Dr. Colombo in via Indipendenza 60 - cap 20821 - Meda (MB), Italy.

    Warehouse in Erregiauto di Giorgio Campara on Via Marco Polo, 1 - cap 20826 - Misinto (MB) - Italy


    NAGUA SWISS SAGL deals with the supply of products, mainly under the trademark (nagua), of environmentally friendly products, mainly for the nautical sector.


    Phone: +41 76 439 04 83

    Mail: info@naguabio.com

    Responsible person: Liciane Kenik

    NAGUA SWISS SAGL carries out its deliveries and services, currently in Italy, based on these general terms and conditions of sale and delivery. The order issuer's general terms and conditions do not apply, even if the order issuer refers to these terms and conditions.

    Amendments and supplements to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery must be made in writing.

  3. Scope of Supply

  4. The products provided are exhaustively listed on the e-commerce site. Some images may change, but, in principle, the products correspond to the images present.

  5. Brochures and Catalogs

  6. The information contained in brochures and catalogs is not binding. The information contained in the technical documentation is only binding if expressly guaranteed.

  7. Data protection. Use of collected data, encryption techniques, etc.

  8. Nagua respects your privacy. We use several security methods, such as:

    • Encryption: We use encryption, which is a modern method of securing electronic information. On our website, all sensitive information, such as passwords, are encrypted and follow strict security rules to ensure the use of secure and non-compromised passwords.
    • SSL Certificate: The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is encryption used to increase the security of data shared over the web. Nagua uses HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) with approved certification throughout its online environment.
    • Acceptance to Share Cookies and User Information: Nagua has a privacy policy which describes all use of cookies and information collected from users who access our website. To learn more about this policy, you can consult our privacy policy.
  9. Secure Payment

  10. All payment transactions made on our portal are protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption used during the payment system, which provides users with greater security and data confidentiality when making a financial transaction on the Internet.

    In addition, when the customer makes a purchase, he has the technology and security of POSTFINANCE. For any complaints, the customer must contact info@naguabio.com.

    It is important to mention that NAGUA SWISS SAGL does not have access to or store the customer's credit card data. Each transaction is carried out by POSTFINANCE, which has the security certificate to execute it.

  11. Orders

  12. The products that can be purchased are those indicated as available in the STORE. On the Nagua website, under the item "products" of the general menu, the entire range of products is indicated, but they are not necessarily available immediately. Once you have reached the basket and clicked on purchase, you accept the conditions of sale in this agreement, including the product, price and completion of this agreement.

    Italian citizens are required to have a tax code in order to issue a regular invoice. For foreign citizens it is possible to send as long as delivery is made in Italian territory, it will not be possible to send the electronic invoice, but if requested by the buyer we will send it by email.

  13. Expedition

  14. Delivery times are estimated at 3 business days but are for informational purposes only. The delivery period will be extended accordingly if impediments occur that NAGUA SWISS SAGL cannot avoid, despite due diligence.

    Failure to comply with delivery dates and deadlines does not give the customer the right to claim damages.

    Delivery conditions are defined directly at the time of the customer's choice by the courier, at the time of purchase. Delivery may vary depending on the final destination of the goods and the carrier chosen by the customer.

    For the time being, NAGUA SWISS SAGL will deliver exclusively to Italy. Italian citizens are required to have a tax code in order to issue a regular invoice, sent in electronic format. For foreign citizens, on the other hand, it is possible to send as long as delivery is made in Italy, it will not be possible to send the electronic invoice, but if requested, we will send it by email.

  15. Prices and payment methods

  16. The indicated price includes VAT, excluding transport costs. For orders over EUR 100.00, however, transport is free of charge, at the expense of NAGUA SWISS SAGL.

    Possible payment methods are Twint and PostFinance, exclusively for the Swiss territory, and Visa and Mastercard for all buyers.

  17. Civil responsability

  18. The benefits and risks pass to the buyer when the delivery leaves the NAGUA SWISS SAGL warehouse.

    NAGUA SWISS SAGL, however, may decide to take responsibility for damaged goods after verifying, by means of photometric evidence, that the goods have already arrived damaged in transit. This will be defined explicitly in writing.

  19. Claims

  20. Any complaints must be sent in writing to info@naguabio.com.

    NAGUA SWISS SAGL reserves the right to verify the reasons for the complaint and to take appropriate measures if necessary. Each case will be evaluated individually.

  21. Returned goods and returns

  22. Returns will only be accepted back by prior arrangement. In case of withdrawal of the delivered goods, the costs of return transport will be borne by the buyer, while the refund of the purchase will be made upon arrival of the goods at the warehouse. Merchandise must be returned intact, with no signs of wear.

    Nagua undertakes to return the goods, free of charge, in cases where the goods received are damaged or not delivered by the carrier. In such cases, the customer will be asked to send a formal request, including photographic evidence of the damaged goods, to info@naguabio.com.

  23. Checking the goods

  24. The customer must inspect the products received by NAGUA SWISS SAGL within 5 working days and immediately report any defect to NAGUA SWISS SAGL in writing to info@naguabio.com with photographic evidence of the defective goods. If you do not, the products are considered accepted and the contract concluded.

  25. Guarantee

  26. Not applicable.

  27. Product safety and traceability law

  28. If, during the useful life of the delivered goods, a real or possible danger to the safety of persons or a risk to health arises due to a defect in the product, the applicant is obliged to actively cooperate with NAGUA SWISS SAGL in order to eliminate this defect. In accordance with the applicable Product Safety Act (LSPro), the applicant is obliged, in particular, to ensure complete traceability of the goods supplied. NAGUA SWISS SAGL has the right to verify this obligation of the applicant with appropriate measures by means of written notice.

  29. Exclusion of other responsibilities

  30. Any other claims of the applicant which are not expressly stated, in particular claims for damages, reduction or termination of the contract, are excluded. Under no circumstances will the customer be entitled to compensation for damages that did not occur to the delivery item itself, such as, for example, production stoppage, loss of orders, loss of profit or other direct or indirect damages. The binding provisions of the Swiss Product Liability Act remain reserved.

  31. Trademark rights

  32. The rights to all trademarks, logos, photos and texts relating to NAGUA SWISS SAGL products published in brochures, leaflets, or on display, point of sale and sales promotion material, or other similar documents, are exclusively reserved by NAGUA SWISS SAGL.

    These materials are provided on the condition that the customer acknowledges these rights.

  33. Modification of these general terms and conditions of sale and delivery

  34. NAGUA SWISS SAGL reserves the right to make changes to these general terms and conditions of sale at any time.

  35. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

  36. The contractual relationship is governed by Swiss substantive law, excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods of 11 April 1980 and its amendments.

  37. The place of jurisdiction for both parties is Bellinzona.

  38. Pretura di Bellinzona, Piazza del Governo, 2, Bellinzona, Ticino, Suíça. For consumer contracts, the courts established by law will have jurisdiction.

    Cadenazzo, janeiro de 2022